CAVS Karaoke Server is desgined to connects to karaoke players located remotely in multiple venues. It can update the songs, monitor 24/7, upgrade firmware, and customize the settings of each karaoke player. It is a convenient and centralized control for managing many karaoke players.

CAVS Karaoke Server can “anytime” update the songs in the karaoke players. The update can be hourly, daily, or monthly. With a single push of a button, the karaoke server can load the new songs to all or a particular set of karaoke players, and by automating the song load, reduces a large portion of troubleshootings caused by the user errors.

CAVS Karaoke Server also monitors 24/7 the karaoke players for best performance. It can upgrade the firmware, chage the settings, and customize the player, as needed by the venues. 

CAVS Karaoke Server connects to the karaoke players using a secured Virtual Private Network. It creates a VPN tunnel secured by encryption and firewall to each karaoke player. All communication and contents transmitted are protected from intrusion and prying eyes.

CAVS Karaoke Server is your own Cloud Server without the prying eyes of the service providers. It comes with following buiilt-in apps:

  • Karaoke Library – Automatic data sync with karaoke players
  • Web Desktop – remotely access, monitor, and manage the karaoke players
  • Song Book – display the song list using Web GUI
And best of all, it is built to overcome any network disruptions, even for the players onboard at seas experiencing several Internet disconnections per day.

CAVS Karaoke Server supports the following karaoke players in its management:

  • JB-199 IV OnLine
  • JB-199 III Premier
  • JB-199 mini II
  • JB-199 mini, mini pro
  • PlayCDG Online
  • PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT









SDS 220+

Celeron J4025


2 x Gigabit RJ-45

2 x 8 TB

2 x USB 3.0
Wake on LAN
165 x 108 x 232 mm

SRS 422+

AMD Ryzen R1600


2 x Gigabit RJ-45

4 x 4 TB

USB 3.0
Rackmount 1U
44 x 430 x 295 mm

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