JB-199 III Premier

E-Songbook receives the song list from the connected karaoke player. And if “My Server” in the karaoke player is empty (not loaded with a song list), E-Songbook will receive nothing and will show nothing under Title, Artist, or Index buttons.

Go to the Control Panel of the karaoke player. In the bottom left section, highlight “My Server”. The currently loaded song list will appear on the bottom right section. And because it is empty, the bottom right section will be empty.

Next in the bottom right section and click on the “Load” button to load a song list. Select a song list which is likely “Master Playlist” or “Master Library”.

After loading the song list, click on the X mark at the top right corner to close the karaoke program. Power down the karaoke player. Restart the player and the karaoke program will start with the “My Server” loaded. Test the E-Songbook for proper operation.

Above instruction is assuming that the E-Songbook is properly connected to the karaoke player via Wi-Fi.

Also if the song list you are loading into “My Server” is named other than “Master Playlist”, consider renaming the song list as “Master Playlist” and loading it as “Master Playlist” into “My Server”. This is because the karaoke program, when “My Server” is empty, is designed to automatically look for “Master Playlist” and load it into “My Server”.

When you see the message “JB-199 III Program has stopped working” or if the JB-199 III unit is stopping or crashing often, follow the instruction below to reset/refresh the player.

1. Close the JB-199 III karaoke program to the Desktop.
2. Go to Documents > JB199III > Utility, and double click on the Winrecovery.exe file to start the app.
3. At the pop-up window of the Winrecovery app, click on the button “JB-199 Premier Recovery”.
4. You will receive a message “Recovery: XX items, OK”. Click OK.
5. Next click on the button “Setting Registry Default” in the Winrecovery app. The button will gray out indicating done.
6. Click on the button “OK” at the upper left to exit out of Winrecovery app.
7. Next start the JB-199 III Premier program by double clicking on the karaoke program icon at the Desktop.
8. The JB-199 III Premier program will boot up to the full CAVS CDG/Lyrics screen with the message “Welcome to CAVS Sing Along”. Double click on the screen to reduce its size. The Control Panel will appear in the back.
9. Confirm that the JB-199 III Premier unit is connected to Internet. In the Control Panel, go to Help > Online Upgrade. Follow the screen instruction to upgrade the JB-199 III Premier program to the latest version.

If you do not have a direct Internet connection to the JB-199 III Premier unit, you will need to download the Upgrade patch into any Internet connected device and copy over the Upgrade patch to the JB-199 Premier unit using an external flash drive or hard drive.

Download the Upgrade patch from the link here JB-199Upgrade.zip. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the inside file “JB-199IIIUpgrade.exe” into the Desktop of the JB-199 III Premier unit. Double click on the file and follow the instruction to complete the upgrade.

10. After the upgrade, the program will automatically restart. Go to Tools > Setting in the Control Panel and check the options you wish. Note that the Winrecovery sets the program back to the factory default. Click OK when done in the Setting.

11. Go to the bottom left section of the Control Panel and highlight “My Server”. Go to the bottom right and press the “Load” button and open the “Master Playlist” or “Master Library” which is your latest playlist.
12. Next press the “X” mark at the top right in the Control Panel. It will close the JB-199 III Premier program. Restart the program and all the setting changes made since the Winrecovery will be automatically saved.

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