What’s new in the JB-199 IV?

The JB-199 IV is the next generation karaoke player that has a built-in web server inside. It can be connected online by any device using a web browser. And to the connected devices, it can stream the music and lyrics of karaoke songs.

An E-Songbook is a device such as a smartphone or a tablet that connects to a karaoke player using a network to find the songs within the karaoke player. It is likely to reserve and play the songs as well within the karaoke player.

Until now an E-Songbook required an app to communicate with a karaoke player. And since the app was hardware specific, a different karaoke player or a different E-Songbook device required a different app. This complexity discouraged customers from using their smartphones or tablets as E-Songbooks and led to the karaoke hosts providing the devices that are installed with apps to work as E-Songbooks on the tables.

The apps for the E-Songbooks were also prone to connection failure, delay, and incompatibility. The connection failure was due to the non-standard designs of the apps. The delay came with the increasing number of songs. The incompatibility was a result of the fast changing device market.

The new web server of the JB-199 IV solves the all of the E-Songbook problems above. It enables the E-Songbook to connect to the JB-199 IV using a web browser such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or MS Edge. It removes the need for individual apps, provides the standard connections that are secure under the TCP/IP network protocol, is fast with efficient data sending, and is compatible across the old and new devices.

And the ease of connecting with a browser is returning the customers to use their phones and tablets as the E-Songbooks. It is no longer necessary for the hosts to provide the E-Songbooks on the tables. The cost saving starts with not purchasing the E-Songbooks and continues when there are no old E-Songbooks to replace.

The JB-199 IV can play the karaoke songs through its HDMI, VGA, or RCA outputs. The lyrics will show on a TV and the music will sound from the speakers. This is a traditional way of setting up the karaoke player.

The JB-199 IV with a built-in web server however can go much further. It can stream the music and lyrics of the songs to the devices that are connected. That is, it can actually make the devices output the music and lyrics. It extends the reach of the JB-199 IV via online from a local venue to across town, across state, and across the world.

The customer interface that appears when a device such as a smartphone or tablet connects to the JB-199 IV is as follows.

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It is a karaoke player in a shell. It can find, reserve, and play the songs. It can control the pitch, tempo, and voice cancel. Best of all, it plays the music and lyrics right from the device.

For online users or venues, the customer interface is a portable karaoke player. It is available whenever connected. It is a solution for a bar or restaurant with a need for a karaoke player, or a karaoke rental that is late on a player delivery. The customer interface can deliver a full blown HD audio video by extending the device outputs to a local TV and speakers.

For E-Songbooks, the customer interface enables the user to select and reserve the songs. For all other controls, it can restrict the availability only to the hosts by optional settings inside the JB-199 IV. The customer interface again outputs the music and lyrics through the devices and enables the customers to follow the karaoke show wherever they are.

One additional feature coming from the web server of the JB-199 IV is Preview in the customer interface. It enables the users to sample the songs before making a selection. It plays the music and lyrics in private, that is, without playing the song in the JB-199 IV or in other connected devices.

Online Karaoke
The customer interface combines with the Zoom Meeting to create an online karaoke lounge. People can meet face to face and sing in solos, groups, or all together. Go to CAVSKaraoke.com to try the new online karaoke lounge. You can join an open lounge or host a new lounge for your guests.

The online karaoke offers opportunity for people who are physically apart to get together for karaoke. For example, the grandparents in senior homes can join their families for the holiday singings. The soldiers who are deployed oversea can join their children for family talent shows. The online karaoke powered by the JB-199 IV makes those moments and memories possible.

The JB-199 IV comes with comprehensive professional features following the tradition of JB karaoke series. It has the basic features such as Pitch control, Tempo control, Sync control, Pre amp, Silence gap remover, etc. It has the advanced features such as History, Announcement, Digital Mixer, International Interface, Advertisement, Bill acceptor, etc. Now with the built-in web server, it extends its service into the cyber space.

The JB-199 IV supports unlimited number of karaoke songs in CD+G, MP3+G, ZIP, AVI, MP4, and Super CD+G formats. It organizes the songs using a Playlist concept so that each song can be searched or played instantly and yet stored securely from accidental removal or overwrite. It also offers data encryption for added security and time lock for subscription management which can both be controlled with remote access.









JB-199 IV X

Intel i5

32G DDR4



4 TB

4 x USB 3.0
Dual Gig-LAN
Remote control

JB-199 IV R

Intel i3

16G DDR4


2 TB

4 x USB 3.0
Dual Gig-LAN
Remote control

CAVS Digital Mixer DK3

$ 499
  • Digital Karaoke Mixer
  • Integrated Control

Archeer Dual Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer

$ 61
  • Dual Wireless Microphones
  • Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer

Behringer External Sound Card UCA-222

$ 29
  • External Sound Card
  • USB to RCA Connector

HDMI to RCA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to RCA (YRW)
  • USB Charge Cable

HDMI to VGA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to VGA
  • USB Charge Cable