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JB-199 IV Online

CAVS JB-199 IV is a next generation karaoke player that plays karaoke songs online. Connect the JB-199 IV to Internet and let the guests join in using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Ther are no apps to download or install. The guests can simply login to the JB-199 IV using an IP address or a QR code.

The JB-199 IV is specially designed to accomodate 10, 20, 50, or even 100 online guests. It can stream out the same music and lyrics to everyone as in a Karaoke Room, or different music and lyrics for different guests as in a Karaoke-On-Demand. In both cases, the guests have the full song selection and professional karaoke controls.

The JB-199 IV can work together with a video chatting programs such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, and Facebook Live. The JB-199 IV will serve as an online karaoke player streaming music and lyrics to everyone. The guests can enjoy the singing and show off their styles on the meeting screens.

JB-199 IV has the latest karaoke features including Advertisement, E-Songbook, Digital mixing, etc. It also has the basic Pitch control, Tempo control, Sync control, BGV, History, Message, Interlude, and Scoring. Utilizing all, you can provide the best karaoke fun for both your online and offline guests.

The E-Songbook in particular is easier than ever to use with the JB-199 IV. It can be any device with an web browser and connects to the JB-199 IV using an IP address or QR code. It does not require an app or Internet to connect. The E-Songbook can also play the karaoke music and lyrics right from its device. The guests can follow or join the karaoke singing with the E-Songbook as well as select songs and controls.

The JB-199 IV starts with the 9th Gen Intel i5 CPU processor and NDIVA 1650 Graphic card for the streaming. It also has the latest M.2 NCME memory which increases the processing speed by 20+ times. It supports multiple formats of karaoke songs including CD+G, MP3+G, ZIP, AVI, MP4, MIDI, MCG, NCG, and Super CD+G, and has a minimum 4TB HDD for 1 million song capacity.

The JB-199 IV is a powerful karaoke player with a built-in server. It can be online to serve you in cyber space. It can be offline to serve you at home and venues. The JB-199 IV is ready to expand your market across the town and across the world.

  • Stream karaoke music and lyrics online.
  • Run karaoke room and karaoke-on-demand online.
  • Connect using an web browser with an IP address or a QR code. No more Apps to download or install.
  • Customer Interface to select songs, play music and lyrics, control pitch, control tempo, and manage Favorite lists.
  • Compatible with Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Facebook Live, etc. video chattings programs.
  • Play CD+G, MP3+G, ZIP, AVI, MP4, NCG, MCG, Super CD+G, and MIDI karaoke song files.
  • Extract CD, CD+G, Video CD, Super CD+G, and DVD discs.*
  • Sync control, Voice cancel, Repeat, Preset, Rotation, Silence gap remover, Equalizer, Interlude, History, Message, Advertisement, etc.
  • Digital Mixer with integrated control.
  • International language Support.
  • E-Songbook with music and lyrics play.
  • Record realtime audio video with automatic parsing.
  • Customize backgound with photos, videos, and webcams.
  • Reserve with presets and shuffle.
  • HDMI, VGA, and RCA audio video outputs.
  • Dual LAN ports, 4x USB 3.0, lighting control, bill acceptor control.
  • * Optional disc drive required.

The upgrade for JB-199 IV is done automatically within the unit.
Go to Section 4.5.A.3 of the User Manual for the detail description.

  • Online User Manual
  • Rack ears
  • Remote Controller
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • HDMI cable
  • Batteries AAA x 5
  • RCA AV cable
  • LAN cable
  • VGA cable
  • Power cord

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JB-199 IV

Intel i5 9400

16G DDR4



4 TB

4 x USB 3.0
Dual Gig-LAN

CAVS Digital Mixer DK3

$ 399
  • Digital Karaoke Mixer
  • Integrated Control

Archeer Dual Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer

$ 61
  • Dual Wireless Microphones
  • Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer

Behringer External Sound Card UCA-222

$ 29
  • External Sound Card
  • USB to RCA Connector

HDMI to RCA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to RCA (YRW)
  • USB Charge Cable

HDMI to VGA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to VGA
  • USB Charge Cable