How to set Task Scheduler in Windows to reboot the JB-199 player daily and automatically

For JB-199 players with built-in web sever to function optimally, we recommend to reboot the player at least once a day. And this chore can be scheduled to be performed automatically using the Task Scheduler in Windows.
For instruction on how to set up the Task Scheduler, refer to the guide below.

How to set a Task Scheduler in Windows to reboot the JB-199 player automatically once a day

1.Type in ‘Task Scheduler’ into the search field of the Task bar. The Microsoft Search will show the ‘Task Scheduler’. Click on the ‘Task Scheduler’.
2.In the next screen, click on ‘Creat Basic Task…’. When a popup window appears, type in the name and description such as ‘CAVS JB-199…’ to indicate its purpose for your reference.
3.Select ‘Daily’ and press ‘Next’.
4.Select a time to reboot the player, which should be the least busy time of use. Press ‘Next’.
5.Select ‘Start a program’. Press ‘Next’
shutdown -r -c “JB-199IV Online Reboot” -t 10 -f
into the Program/script field. Press ‘next’ and ‘Yes’.
7.Press ‘Finish’.

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