How to connect to phones and tablets when installed with an anti-virus software

When your PC is installed with an anti-virus software, it will block all unknown or newly installed program from communicating through the network including Internet. So it is important to set the anti-virus software to allow the CAVS program such as PlayCDG Online to communicate through the Windows Firewall. The CAVS program will only then be able to connect to the phones and tablets.
1. Open the anti-virus software window and go to Firewall.
2. Go to Internet Connections for Programs.
3. Add the following 4 programs
PlayCDG Online (C:\Program Files\CAVS USA Inc\PlayCDG Online\PlayCDG.exe)
Cam2Stream (C:\PlayCDG\esongbook\Cam2Stream.exe)
Nodejs (C:\PlayCDG\esongbook\node.exe)
JukeSever (C:\PlayCDG\esongbook\JukeServer.exe)
4. Reboot your PC and start the PlayCDG Online.

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