CAVS E-Songbooks

Wireless karaoke songbooks

E-Songbook performs wirelessly the following funtions
  • Display, scroll, sort, and search the song list
  • Reserve, cancel, play, stop, pause, and next play the songs
  • Make My Favorite List to store individual favorite songs
  • Score the singers using 1 to 5 stars in singing contests
  • Send and receive messages such as the next turn to sing or a last call for drinks
  • Mixer control to adjust the music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, balance, etc.
  • Shuffle the reserved songs in Queue
  • Accommodate international songs in 40 different languages.
  • Connect up to 256 E-Songbooks at any one time, or using multiple network routers, provide unlimited connections.
  • Use local network without the Internet.
  • User Manual
  • E-Songbook tablet
  • Power cable
  • External battery 6,000 – 10,000 mah
  • Leather case


CAVS E-Songbook is an electronic touch screen tablet that connects wirelessly to a karaoke player, and receives the song list to display, reserve, and play the songs. It is installed with CAVS RS II Client (E-Songbook software) program and uses a local network without Internet to connect to the karaoke player.
E-Songbook is first a songbook with the advantage of not requiring paper printing. In fact, E-Songbook updates the song list instantly the moment new songs are added to the karaoke players, and being electronic, allows you to find the songs by scroll, sort, or search. E-Songbook also can display the song list in 40+ different languages.
E-Songbook is next a remote control to select, reserve and play the songs. It works from farther distances and around the corners as it is connected by a local Wi-Fi network, not by the traditional IR signal of a remote control. It plays, stops, pauses, reserves, and cancels the songs like a traditional remote control.
E-Songbook has many more advantages including
  • My Favorite List where you can store your favorite songs
  • Wireless Scoring where you can score the singers wirelessly using 1 to 5 stars in singing contests
  • Messaging where you receive a ring for your turn to sing or a last call for drinks
  • Mixer Control where you can adjust the music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, balance, etc.
  • Queue Shuffle where you can change the order of reserved songs
  • International Interface where you can list more than 1 million songs in 40 different languages.
  • Unlimited Copies where you can connect up to 256 E-Songbooks to a karaoke player at any one time, and using multiple routers, you can even connect unlimited number of E-Songbooks.
All these advantages are available through a local network where you do not need Internet as bars and restaurants may not have or would not allow Internet connection.
E-Songbooks are available in 7″, 8″, 8.9″, 10.1″ display sizes and in iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. To view and purchase available E-Songbooks, go to the link below:
E-Songbook software is also available for purchase so that you can install it into your own hardware. For your own iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, Windows tablet, or Windows laptop, you can download and install the software from the following links.
There are three modes of E-Songbook operation. The most effective is together with a CAVS Karaoke player such as JB-199, Karaoke Laptop, Touch Screen Karaoke, or PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT. When connected by Wi-Fi, the E-Songbook will automatically update the song list from the karaoke player and begin wirelessly operating the karaoke player. The E-Songbook will thus operate as both the songbook and remote control.
The second mode of operation is when the E-Songbook is connected to a standard Windows PC installed with only the CAVS RS II Server program and not a CAVS Karaoke player. The E-Songbook will update to the song list from the CAVS RS II Server program and perform the song book operations. However it will not perform the remote control functions such as play, stop, pause or cancel as it has no karaoke player to interface with. The E-Songbook will only operate as a song book. It still has the advantage that when using multiple E-Songbooks, you can update the song lists in all of the E-Songbooks by simply updating the song list in the PC.

The third mode of E-Songbook operation is as a stand-alone without any connection. The E-Songbook will work simply as an Electronic Songbook displaying the song list that is loaded inside the E-Songbook hardware itself. This mode of operation is still advantageous to using a paper songbook as you can update the song list by an electronic file and can scroll, sort, and search the songs compared to paper printing and page-turnings. Note that in this stand-alone mode, E-Songbook does not need a router.

E-Songbook runs on an internal battery for 3 – 7 hours depending on the model. To enhance the running time, an external batteries of 6,000 – 10,000 mah are available as accessories. Also for display protection, leather cases are available with pouches for the external battery.