Virtual Karaoke Lounge


Do you wish to reserve a virtual karaoke lounge for you and your friends?

Submit your request with date & time. The virtual karaoke lounge comes with Zoom Meeting for face to face interaction among participants, and CAVS JB-199 IV for streaming music & lyrics to everyone. Each participant will be able to –

  • Select songs from 10,000 Pop, Rock, Country, Children, and Holidays music.
  • Reserve, Play, or Save songs in Favorite lists.
  • Pitch control, Tempo control, and Voice cancel.
  • Sing solos, duets, quartets, or all together.
  • Preview any song in private before making selection.

You can also customize the virtual karaoke lounge to –

  • Assign different control levels between the host and guests.
  • Be open to public.
  • Charge admission fee.
  • Allow bookings with option to Approve/Deny.


Do you wish to join or register for a virtual karaoke lounge?

Here are the current and upcoming karaoke events with their scheduled date & time, show hosts, admission requirement, and music types. Upon selecting an event, you will be emailed the connections for Zoom Meeting and CAVS JB-199 IV. The Zoom Meeting will provide the face to face interaction with other participants, and the CAVS JB-199 IV will provide the music & lyrics.