CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe

User Manual

Main Body

  1. Show Equalizer window.
  2. Browse and select songs (files).
  3. Show Play List window.
  4. Play the songs from CD or CD+G disc in the CD-ROM drive.
  5. Show INX(SDC+G song list) window.
  6. Read INX(SCD+G song list) from SCD+G disc.
  7. Display track, time, status, song title information.
  8. Indicate the play position.
  9. Go to previous song or previous track.
  10. Begin play or pause. Press twice to release pause.
  11. Stop play.
  12. Go to next song or next track.
  13. Voice Cancel: Select Stereo / Right / Left channels (In Multiplex CD+G songs, vocal recording is found in the right channel, and by selecting the left channel, vocal recording can be turned off).
  14. Repeat the songs in the Play List sequentially. When it is on, the Repeat sign will be lit in the Display.
  15. Show Preference Dialog window.
  16. Go to previous background image.
  17. Enable/Disable background image display.
  18. Enable/Disable CD+G graphics display.
  19. Pause background image slide show.
  20. Go to next background image.
  21. Slide right / left to increase / decrease music volume level.
  22. Display About, Help, OpenURL, and Preference buttons.
  23. Minimize the program.
  24. Exit the program.


  1. Reset Equalizer settings to default values.
  2. Enable / Disable Equalizer.
  3. Lit when the Eqaulizer is enabled.
  4. Predefined equalizer settings (PC Speakers, Large Hall, Club, Party).
  5. Equalizer sliders.
  6. Display Pre-amplifier Level.
  7. Save current Equalizer settings.
  8. Load saved Equalizer settings.
  9. Reset Tempo, Pitch, and Speed control settings to default values.
  10. Enable / Disable Tempo, Pitch, and Speed controls.
  11. Lit when Tempo, Pitch, and Speed controls are enabled.
  12. Tempo slider.
  13. Pitch slider.
  14. Speed slider.
  15. Minimize Equalizer window.
  16. Close Equalizer window.

Play List

  1. Sort the songs by alphabetically ascending order.
  2. Sort the songs by alphabetically descending order.
  3. Display the song list.
  4. Print the song list.
  5. Select / De-select all songs in Play List.
  6. Scroll up Play List.
  7. Slide Play List.
  8. Scroll down Play List.
  9. Add a folder to Play List.
  10. Add songs (files) to Play List.
  11. Quick Add (Search specified folders and add songs to Play List).
  12. Clear all songs in Play List.
  13. Remove selected songs from Play List.
  14. Save current Play List as a file.
  15. Load Play List from a file.
  16. Close Play List window.
  17. Minimize Play List window.

Preferences – General

  1. Select a file type to be at top when using Open (file) command.
  2. Set the default Left position of the CD+G screen.
  3. Set the default Top position of the CD+G screen.
  4. Restore default screen size (216p x 300p) and default position (216p, 0p).
  5. Left point of CD+G screen.
  6. Top point of CD+G screen.
  7. Height of CD+G screen.
  8. Width of CD+G screen.
  9. Enable/Disable Gap-killer

Preferences – Display

  1. Select the display style of song title (song file name) in the Display window
  2. Select between Elapsed time / Remaining time in the Display window.

Preferences – Equalizer

  1. Save Equalizer settings when closing Equalizer window.
  2. Load Equalizer settings when opening Equalizer window.
  3. Reset Equalizer settings after playing a song.
  4. Reset Tempo, Pitch, and Speed settings after playing a song.
  5. Enable Preamplifier Self-Adjusting.
  6. Select the duration time for value display in Equalizer window.

Preferences – Play List

  1. Do not add duplicate files to Play List.
  2. Do not add CD+G graphic files (MCG, CDG, RW) without corresponding MP3 files.
  3. Pause after each song is played in the Play List.  Resume playing the next song by pressing Play button.
  4. Display selected folders within which Quick Add will search for a song.
  5. Add a folder to Search Folder List.
  6. Delete selected folders from the Search Folder List.
  7. Clear the Search Folder List.
  8. Add an Auto Extension to a song (file) name being searched in Quick Add.
  9. Allow MCG files to be added to Play List.
  10. Allow CDG files to be added to Play List.
  11. Allow RW files to be added to Play List.
  12. Clear file type selections (No graphic file will be added to Play List).
  13. Select all file type selections (All compatible graphic files will be added to Play List).

Preferences – Background

  1. Display Background Image List.
  2. Move the selected image up.
  3. Move the selected image down.
  4. Move the selected image to the top.
  5. Move the selected image down to bottom.
  6. Shuffle the order of Images randomly.
  7. Add image files(jpg, bmp) to Image List.
  8. Remove the selected images from Image List.
  9. Clear Image List.
  10. Refresh Image List.
  11. Import a Image List.
  12. Export current Image List to a file.
  13. Fit each image to the whole screen.
  14. Display images randomly from the Image List.
  15. Duration time for display per image.
  16. Image Preview window.

Hot Key Controls

  1. R Repeat
  2. E Activate / Deactivate Equalizer
  3. [ Show / Hide Equalizer
  4. L Activate / Deactivate Play List
  5. X Show / Hide INX(SCD+G song list)
  6. ] Show / Hide Play List
  7. Q Quick Add to Play List
  8. C CD
  9. D SCD+G disc
  10. O Open
  11. V Vocal Mode
  12. S Stop
  13. P Play / Pause
  14. < Prev
  15. > Next
  16. F CD+G Graphics On / Off
  17. B Background Images On / Off
  18. + Next Background Image
  19. – Previous Background Image
  20. ? Open Preference Dialog window
  21. ` Pause Background Image
  22. D Load Super CD+G disc
  23. X Open/Close Super CD+G song list