No audio is coming out of the CAVS karaoke player

This instruction shows the most common causes of no audio problem in CAVS karaoke player.
The setting is as follows:
• CAVS Karaoke player is connected to an external sound system using the analog (Red and White) RCA connectors (left most) on the back panel.
• CAVS Karaoke player is turned on and playing a song.
• The external sound system is turned on and set to correct input/output.
When experiencing no audio, check the following settings:
1. In the control panel of the karaoke program, go to Tools > Settings and set the ‘Sound’ to “Primary Sound Driver”.
2. In the control panel of the karaoke program, set the ‘Volume’ level of music to ‘50’ or higher. Refer to the User Manual to find the Volume level control.
3. In the Windows, go to Start > Settings > System > Sound and set the ‘Output’ to ‘Speakers (Realtek® Audio)’.

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