How to design multiple folders for quick access in a device for CAVS 205G player

For each folder inside a device such as a flash drive, SD card, or a external hard drive, there can be maximum 65,536 files for use with CAVS 205G player due to the required FAT32 format. Given that there are two files (MP3 and CDG) for each song, this implies a physical limit of 32,768 songs per folder.

You may also want to divide out the song files into multiple folders not necessarily due to the maximum limit but for better organization, such as to folders of songs for 90’s, 80’s, Pop, Rock, etc.

This instruction shows how to name the multiple folders such that you can easily select a song across folders, changing from one folder to another.

  • Name the folders as ‘MCG#01’, ‘MCG#02’, ‘MCG#03’, etc. inside the device.
  • Name the song files inside each folder as ‘00001.mp3, 00001.cdg’, ‘00002.mp3, 00002.cdg’, ‘00003.mp3, 00003.cdg’, etc. The song files can be (MP3, MCG) file format or any other file format that are supported in the CAVS 205G player.
  • After inserting the device into the CAVS 205G player, a folder will appear on the TV screen with ‘Select Song’ message.
  • Press ’01’, ’02’, ’03’, etc. followed by ‘Menu’ button. This will select a folder.
  • Press a song number ‘00001’, ‘00002’, ‘00003’, etc. followed by ‘Play’ button. This will select a song.
  • END

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