CAVS JB-199 (I or II) Jukebox program doesn’t starts automatically. Also it doesn’t starts when the “JB-199 Startup” icon is double clicked in the desktop.

Step 1. Check the “PCI Card” driver software.

Make a right click on “My Computer” icon, go to “Properties”. Then go to “Hardware” and “Device Manager”. In the “System devices”, check for the “EnvyLogic Easy Target WDM Driver V1.0” device.

If you don’t see this device, look for an “Unknown Items” tab and if it is there, reinstall the driver for it, PCI Card Step_1.JPG).

If you cannot to find “EnvyLogic Easy Target WDM Driver V1.0” device and you don’t see any “Unknown Items”, go to Step 2 below.

Step 2. Take the JB-199 top cover off… and then pull out the PCI Card (See Step_2.JPG) and insert it back. You are making sure of the contacts on the PCI card to the main board. Now go back to Step 1.

You can also check if the “PCI Card” is installed correctly or not by running the PCI Card Test. Start the test and press on the “Read ADC” button and on the “Read DS2432” button. (See Step_3.JPG and Step_4.JPG). If the test program does not freeze and you see various information displayed in a window on the bottom, the PCI Card is installed correctly. If not, go back to “Step 1”.

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