E-Songbook does not show any song list under Title, Artist or Index

E-Songbook receives the song list from the connected karaoke player. And if “My Server” in the karaoke player is empty (not loaded with a song list), E-Songbook will receive nothing and will show nothing under Title, Artist, or Index buttons.

Go to the Control Panel of the karaoke player. In the bottom left section, highlight “My Server”. The currently loaded song list will appear on the bottom right section. And because it is empty, the bottom right section will be empty.

Next in the bottom right section and click on the “Load” button to load a song list. Select a song list which is likely “Master Playlist” or “Master Library”.

After loading the song list, click on the X mark at the top right corner to close the karaoke program. Power down the karaoke player. Restart the player and the karaoke program will start with the “My Server” loaded. Test the E-Songbook for proper operation.

Above instruction is assuming that the E-Songbook is properly connected to the karaoke player via Wi-Fi.

Also if the song list you are loading into “My Server” is named other than “Master Playlist”, consider renaming the song list as “Master Playlist” and loading it as “Master Playlist” into “My Server”. This is because the karaoke program, when “My Server” is empty, is designed to automatically look for “Master Playlist” and load it into “My Server”.

Categories: JB-199 III Premier, PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT