New Touch Screen KARAOKE

with PlayCDG Online

TC-103 Touch Screen
Karaoke Player
  • Full HD 23.8″ Touch Screen
  • Intel i5-12450H 8 Cores
  • 16G DDR4 RAM
  • M.2 2TB SSD (500,000 song capacity)
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, Ethernet
  • Optical Disk Drive (to play all CD+G, VCD, and DVD discs)
TC-103 Touch Screen
Karaoke Player
Special Sales $1,699
Karaoke Nights
Karaoke Parties
Karaoke Online

CAVS Touch Screen Karaoke Player offers a unique entertainment center that will dazzle your guests at a bar, lounge, or home. It has a beautiful touch screen with huge 23.8″ size and Full HD Color that will attract the attention and enhances the karaoke fun. Impressive in size and power, it is all-in-one solution you can rely on for one stop karaoke solution.

CAVS PlayCDG Online is the new 4th generation karaoke program running the Touch Screen Karaoke player. The professional karaoke program is the latest of CAVS PlayCDG series and thanks to its built-in server, has the following advantages.

Customers can connect to the PlayCDG Online using any standard web browser. For example, a customer with an iPhone or iPad can connect using the Safari browser. A customer with Android phone or tablet can connect to the player using the Google Chrome. When connected, the customers can search, reserve, and play the songs in the PlayCDG Online.

Having a web server, the PlayCDG Online can simultaneously play and stream the audio video outputs. That is, it will play through TVs and speakers as before in traditional ways and at the same time stream the audio and video to the customers’ phones and tablets. The phones and tablets can then play the music and lyrics from their own screens and speakers becoming mini karaoke players you can carry to everywhere, i.e., upstairs, outdoors, pool decks, etc.

The PlayCDG Online can record each and every customer’s singing from the start to the end of a show. It would then automatically parse and upload the recording into the server for customer download. Imagine the customers’ delight when they can enjoy listening to their own singing instantly using their phones or tablets.

The PlayCDG Online also comes with subscriptions services from song suppliers, such as Party Tyme and Karaoke Cloud. Fully licensed, the songs will be updated automatically and daily making sure you have the newest and latest songs. The songs will play seamlessly together with your own collections.

Optional Accessories:

CAVS Digital Mixer DK3

$ 499
  • Digital Karaoke Mixer
  • Integrated Control

Archeer Dual UHF Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Mixer and LCD Display

$ 82
  • Dual Wireless Microphones
  • Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer

Behringer External Sound Card UCA-222

$ 29
  • External Sound Card
  • USB to RCA Connector

HDMI to RCA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to RCA (YRW)
  • USB Charge Cable

HDMI to VGA Converter

$ 29
  • HDMI to VGA
  • USB Charge Cable