Subscription Services

Non-Stop Supply of Latest and Hottest songs!
Updated daily and automatically in CAVS!
*Subscription account must be created following the instruction below
to work with CAVS Karaoke players
Subsscription Services of Karaoke Cloud and Party Tyme are now available in the following CAVS Karaoke players:
The new karaoke songs will always be ready and play seamlessly together with your own songs.
To start your subscription, follow the steps below.
1. Be sure your CAVS Karaoke player is connected to Internet. The Subscription service requires Internet connection at all times of the service.
2. Update your CAVS Karaoke player to the Subscription Ready version.
3. Start the karaoke program and select ‘My Subscription” in the Control Panel as shown below.
4. Click ‘+‘ to see all available services, currently from Karaoke Cloud and Party Tyme (1). Select a service and press the ‘Setting’ button in the bottom right corner (2).
5. A popup screen will appear asking for Username and Password as shown below.
  • First click on the link ‘click here’ and follow the instruction to purchase a subscription. Username and Password will be issued to you upon your purchase.
  • Insert the Username and Password into their fields and click ‘OK’.
6. Upon inserting your credentials, a playlist of the songs available in the service will appear on the right side window. You can select a song from the playlist and play just as you would play a song from any playlist.
7. Note that in My Server, the Master Playlist of your own songs will merge with the playlist of the subscription service. The merged playlist will also show in the Customer Interface, thus in the customers’ phones and tablets.
8. If you do not wish to merge the playlist of your own songs with the playlist of the subscription songs, uncheck the option ‘Append “Subscription Library” to My Server’ at the bottom of the screen and restart the karaoke program.

8. When restarting the CAVS karaoke player, your credentials will automatically reload and bring up the latest playlist of the subscription services. For any interruption or break in the service, click on Setting and reconnect.