Karaoke Songs

Load Your Karaoke Players with All Time Hits

Karaoke Music Services, fully licensed from publishers, is available in CAVS Karaoke players JB-199 IV and JB-199 IV mini. You can now subscribe to thousands of songs ready to play. The latest songs will be updated automatically each day and the song list will appear seamlessly together with your own songs in the customer interface. The service can assure you that the latest and greatest songs are always ready for your shows.

  • Subscribe to Karaoke Music Service by Karaoke Cloud of Digitrax
  • Subscribe to Karaoke Music Service by Party Tyme by Sybersound

  • Search for your favorite songs online and download following the video instruction. There are more than 16 Million karaoke songs from world wide online and you can play them in CAVS Karaoke players with pitch control, tempo control, and sync control.

    *Under the Home Recording Act, you have the right to download and play the online songs for private, non-commercial, enjoyment only.

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