Digital Karaoke Jukebox

Touch Screen Monitor with 3D Customer Interface

Select and play songs. Also control the music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, etc.

PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT

Multi screen karaoke player with Control Panel, 3D Customer Interface, CAVS Reservation System (RS), and Integrated Mixing Control,

Power Amplifier CA-242

Four channel mixer amplifier with 300 Watt power. Specially Designed for karaoke singing.

Dual 3-Way Speakers

200 Watt x 2 power with 3-Way (Woofer 10", Midrange 4", Tweeter 3") outputs. Classic wooden speakers for deep sound.

CAVS DK3 Digital Mixer

Set the music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, etc. directly from the Touch Screen Monitor.

Dual Wireless Microphones

Dual UHF wireless microphones with 100 feet range. Durable and easy to replace.

Florescent Front Control

Liquid resistant and Durable with optional password lock.

Bill Acceptor for $1 - $20

Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills with optional credit and free mode settings.

Wi-Fi Router

Wireless network for E-Songbooks, mobile phones, and tablets. Connect to Internet for direct download and online support.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

iPhone, iPad, Androids, and Windows Tablets can connect wirelessly to search and reserve the songs.

  • Touch screen 3D Customer Interface
  • Bill Acceptor for $1, $5, $10, $20, and $100 bills
  • Four channel amplifier with 300 Watt power
  • Dual 3-way speakers with 10″woofer
  • Supports for all international fonts and songs
  • Integrated Mixer control for music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, etc.
  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, MP3+G, MCG, NCG, AVI, MP4, MIDI, and MP3
  • Store up to 1 million songs
  • HDMI and RCA connectors for external TVs
  • Real time AV Recording
  • Remote access and management
  • Connect to E-Songbook, iPhone, iPad, and Androids.
  • * Requires optional disc drive.
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Remote Controller
  • HDMI cable
  • External Disc Drive – Play / Extract CD+G and Super CD+G discs
  • USB Webcam – Superimpose background video
  • RCA to USB Converter cable – Superimpose with external video sources

JB-99 RX unit comes in 2 pieces; 1 crate and 1 box

1 Crate

Dimensions: 45″ x 35″ x 35″
Weight: 350 lbs

1 Box

Dimensions: 22″ x 22″ x 21″
Weight: 25 lbs


Karaoke Jukebox JB-99RX is an one-stop solution for karaoke entertainment with

  • Touch screen monitor with 3D Customer Interface
    Using touch, browse or search for a song by title, artist, or index. Play or reserve the songs with full pitch and tempo controls.

  • Integrated Mixer Control
    The 3D Customer Interface for the karaoke songs now includes the touch controls for music volume, microphone volume, echo, reverb, etc.

  • HDMI and RCA connector for external TV
    Connect external TVs for better viewing by customers

  • Bill acceptor for $1 – $100 (supports Canada, Mexico)
    Set the price for singing as you wish, including for Free.

  • Connect to iPhone, iPad, and Androids
    Download the song list into mobile phones, tablets, or PC laptops. Customers can preview the list and reserve the songs.

  • Store up to 1 million song capacity
    Capacity to store songs are limitless, depending only on your need.

  • Real time AV Recording
    Record audio video of singing for your friends and family in HD 1080P MP4.

  • Power amplifier with 300 Watt power
    Amplifier specifically designed for karaoke carries 300 Watt power into stereo or 4 channel sound.

  • Dual 3-way speakers with 10″ woofer
    Enjoy the deep and powerful sound of music and singing from dual 3-way speakers with 10″ woofer encased in wooden chassis.

  • Dual wireless microphones
    Sing solo or duet with dual wireless microphones

Simply roll in the JB-99RX Jukebox for the karaoke fun.

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