CAVS IPS Manager


The IPS Manager converts and orgainizes the song files into UBS memory devices, such as a USB flash drive or USB hard drive, to be used with the IPS-11G player.

The IPS Manager extracts the songs from the following discs:

  • CD+G discs to -MCG files
  • CD discs to MP3 files
  • Super CDG discs to -MCG files

The IPS Manager converts the song files of the following formats:

  • CDG + MP3 (MP3+G) files to -MCG files
  • MCG + MP3 (CAVS DVD 105G USB, 203G USB, 305G USB) files to -MCG files
  • NCG + MP3 (JB-199 (I, II)) files to -MCG files

The IPS Manager automatically tags the song files with the title and artist name using:

  • Online Web database
  • File name
  • Song list (TXT)

After the preparation, the IPS Manager program inputs the song files into the USB memory device in such a way that:

  • More than 30,000 songs can be stored in a single folder
  • Each song can easily be searched and selected by its song number, title or artist name.
System Requirements:
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
User Manual:

IPS Manager is a free song file manager for CAVS IPS-11G players. It prepares the karaoke songs from following sources for use in the IPS-11G player

  • CD+G discs
  • Super CD+G discs
  • JB-199 (I,II, III)
  • CAVS DVD USB players (105G USB, 203G USB, 305G USB)
  • CAVS PlayCDG KJ Delxue 64 LT program (laptop, touch screen, all-in-one)

The IPS Manager converts the song files into -MCG format uniquely designed for the CAVS IPS-11G player. The song files thus become secure from unwanted copying to a laptop or PC. The IPS Manager also indexes the song files by the song number, title, and artist name such that when the song files are transferred into the USB memory devices, one can easily select the songs by song number, title or artist name.