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In this page, you can find and download CD+G karaoke songs that are available in the digital format commonly known as MP3+G. Each download has the CDG + MP3 components that are the standards in karaoke as well as the MCG + MP3 components supported by the old CAVS karaoke players such as JB-99 and DVD karaoke players. For the current and new CAVS Karaoke players, both the CDG and MCG component are supported.

Minus one:

There are two formats of CD+G karaoke songs, Minus one and Multuplex. The Minus one format contains the lyrics and the stereo background instrumental music. It has no singing voice and and is used most often in public karaoke where the customers  sing. The singing voice is not to be confused with the background chorus that may be included in the background instrumental music. 


The Multiplex format also contains the lyric and the background instrumental music. However one of its stereo channels, usually the left channel, contains a singing voice. This is convenient as you can choose to play with or without the singing voice by using the Voice Cancel button which will change between Stereo, Left, or Right channel to play. 

Note that playing a single channel such as Left or Right does not mean that only one speaker will play the music in your audio system. The karaoke players are designed such that when playing a single channel, it would send out the music to both left and right speakers. The music however will have the disadvantage of being mono, losing the stereo quality.

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