JB-199 SVC

Simplicity, Versatility, Convenience

  • CAVS JB-199 IV Online
  • CAVS DK3 Karaoke Mixer
  • Power Conditioner
  • Dual UHF Wireless Microphones
  • 10″ Touch Screen Tablets
  • G-Pro-4U-19 Road case
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 19″ x 8″
  • Weight: 82 lbs

Peripherals that can also be added:

  • Additional Wireless Microphones
  • Additional Touch Screen Tablets.

CAVS JB-199 SVC is All-In-One karaoke system designed for Simplicity, Versatility, and Convenience. It is ideal for locations such as the senior independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities where automation and reliability is essential. For detail description, go to Karaoke.Care.

CAVS JB-199 SVC starts with the latest of CAVS karaoke players, JB-199 IV Online. The JB-199 IV has a built-in web server inside and can be connected online by any platform device using a web browser. And to the connected devices, the JB-199 IV can stream the music and lyrics of karaoke songs making the devices essentially the portable karaoke players. For detail description, go to JB-199 IV Online.

CAVS JB-199 SVC also has the DK3 Digital Karaoke Mixer, Dual Wireless Microphones, and 10″ Touch Screen Tablets.

The DK3 digital karaoke mixer is a professional multi-channel processor with 56-bit high performance DSP and 24 bit AD / DA 48 KHz sampling frequency. It has 3 AV inputs, 5 wired/10 wireless microphone inputs, and RCA. Coaxial, XLR outputs. It is specially customized to the CAVS Karaoke players for  integrated control that can also extend to wireless devices such as E-Songbooks, phones, and tablets.

Dual Wireless Microphones, effective within 200 feet radius, delivers clear and crisp sounds. They are durable with metal casings and easy to maintain with rechargeable batteries. They have 16 selectable frequency channels and are enjoyed by many commercial venues for the professional sound quality.

Touch screen 10″ tablets serve as multi-purpose devices. When connected to JB-199 IV, the tablets serve as E-Songbooks. When connected to JB-199 IV with streaming, they serve as portable karaoke players. When connected to JB-199 IV and Zoom together, they serve as the portals for the online karaoke event where friends and families can meet online to enjoy a karaoke party. The tablets are provided in conjunction with the JB-199 IV to fully enjoy the power and extent of the JB-199 SVC karaoke system.

Also available accessories to enhance the singing and karaoke fun are

  • Portable Boombox & Microphone
  • USB Echo Microphone
For inquiry, contact sales@cavsusa.com.