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The following song packages are available for CAVS Karaoke Products. The songs are in MP3 + MCG (or MP3 + CDG) file formats compatible to

  • JB-99, JB-199 (Regular, Premier), JB-199 II (Regular, Premier, Server)
  • DVD-105G (Regular, USB), DVD-203G (Regular, USB), DVD-305G USB
  • CAVS Karaoke Laptops / Touch Screen AIO PCs
  • CAVS PC Software PlayCDG PE, SP, KJ Deluxe, KJ Deluxe 64 LT

For any question on compatibility, please contact .

CAVS Minus One 2,678 and Multiplex 2,399 song packages are available with full licenses from EMI, Warner, Universal, and BMG.  The packages contain mix of Pop, Rock, Blue, Country, etc.,  perfect to start your karaoke show.  CAVS also offers individual song packages of Children, Christmas, Spanish, etc. 

Chartbuster Song Packages are also available for CAVS Karaoke Products.  There are more than 180 individual packages of Pop, Rock, Country, Blue, 50's, 60's, 70's, etc. with each package containing 50 songs. You can put together your own song packages of 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 songs for a great bargain price.  For those requiring more, Chartbuster offers the Mega Party Pack 1,000 and Digital 6,000 song packages.

Spanish song packages with 500 - 1,500 songs will also be available for CAVS Karaoke Products soon. 

Please note the format of the songs, Minus One or Multiplex, before your purchase.*

Available Media
Song List
CAVS Minus One 2678 Songs
Minus One
Disc, Hard drive, USB flash drive
CAVS Multiplex 2389 Songs
Disc, Hard drive, USB flash drive
CAVS Children 140 Songs
Minus One
CAVS Christmas 65 Songs
Minus One
Chartbuster Digital 3,000 Songs
Minus One
DK Millennium 1,724 Songs
Minus One
  • Multiplex: Tracks with lead vocal which can be turned on or off with Vocal Cancel function in CAVS Karaoke products.
  • Minus One: Tracks with no lead vocal
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