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Enhance your performance, Download and play, USB compatible
Ideal for home party and rentals

DVD / MPEG4 / VCD / Super CD+G / CD+G / MCG / CD / MP3 / AVI / JPEG/ Kodak

Enjoy the power and crisp sound of CAVS DVD-305G USB Karaoke System, which will make every song a perfect experience for your singing! CAVS DVD-305G USB is the new portable Karaoke system that plays both

  • Optical discs such as DVD, VCD, Super CD+G, CD+G, HDCD and CD
  • USB memory devices such as MP3 players, USB memory stick, and USB hard drive

You can store up to 49,999 Karaoke songs per folder in a USB device. The DVD-305G USB comes 100 Watt (Max) speaker system, Dual microphone mixer with independent volume controls and echo control, Cassette recorder that records directly the singing and music, and AUX In/Out to connect with external audio systems. DVD-305G USB is a perfect player for your karaoke party!

DVD-305G USB Portable Karaoke Player  
Out of Stock
External Hard Drive 250GB For USB Model*   Discontinued
External Hard Drive 500GB For USB Model*   Discontinued
DVD-305G USB and Sampler Vol1 and Super Hits Vol2, Vol3 and Vol 4 SCDG Disc Package (Total of 800 Songs)  
Out of Stock
DVD-305G and Sampler Vol1, and 15 CD+G Disc Disney Karaoke Series  
Out of Stock
DVD-305G USB and 160GB HD with Multiplex Song Package (Save $50)
DVD-305G USB and 160GB HD with Minus One Song Package (Save $50)

*Click here for larger size hard drive.


  • Play optical discs, such as DVD, MPEG4, Video CD, CD+G, HDCD, and audio CD.
  • Play Super CD+G, INX, INX2 karaoke discs.
  • Play karaoke songs from USB memory devices, such as iPod®, MP3 player, USB hard drives*, USB memory stick, or USB card reader.
  • Play AVI, JPEG, Kodak, and MP3 files.Support CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, and FAT32 USB memory devices.
  • 70 Watt RMS (150 Watt Peak)Built-in 6 1/2" Woffer and 3" Tweeter.
  • Dual microphone mixer with Mic1 and Mic2 volume controls and echo controls.
  • Tape player and recorder with direct recording abilities.
  • Auxiliry audio input and outputs.
  • Direct Access Control ButtonsDisabled AutoplayDual microphone inputs with independent volume controlsEcho control.
  • Digital Key control (+/- 7 steps) and Tempo control (+/-6 steps)
  • Digital Key and Tempo control can be set during or before a song is in play.
  • Voice Cancel**
  • Progressive ScanDolby AC-3 5.1 Channels with built-in decoderDTS Digital outComposite, Component, S-Video, VGA, Scart video outputsOptical and Coaxial digital outputsStereo Mix-downMulti-angle, Multi-subtitle, Multi-language, Zoom, etc., functionsMulti-region (US, Europe, Asia, etc.)NTSC / PAL
  • Free Voltage 110V-220V.

    *Certain hard drives might not work with our players. Read more...


  • DVD-305G USB User's Manual (PDF, ZIP)


  • MCG Manager is an ultimate song managing software compatible with all CAVS Karaoke Players.
    MCG Manager can also be used to make SCDG discs.and include song download manager, INX maker, SCDG encorder.
    Learn more...


  • Download songs from CAVS Online Store and add to an external HD for 305G USB:
  1. Add songs to an empty folder.
  2. Add songs to already existing folder with preloaded songs.
  • Add non CAVS songs (CD+G discs) to an external HD for 305G USB:
  1. Add songs to an empty folder.
  2. Add songs to already existing folder with preloaded songs.


  • How to download karaoke songs from CAVS Online Store (PDF)
  • How to load Super CD+G disc to ext. USB HD for CAVS USB players (Flash movie)
  • How to make a CD+G disc (PDF)
  • How to make a Super CD+G disc (HTML -refer to sec 5)
  • How to prepare a USB storage device for CAVS DVD USB players (PDF)

*Requires CD+G compatible CD/DVD ROM drive (Contact for most up to date list)

Download Adobe Acrobat

In order to read PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your PC.
Download the latest Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe's website.


  • Please refer to the following graphic instructions on proper workings of DVD 305G USB.

How to extract Super CD+G disc contents to a hard drive.



WARNING: Do not attempt to upgrade your 305G player without a prior approval from CAVS USA Inc. Otherwise your warranty will be voided. If you have any question, please contact the tech support at 1-562-777-1846 or


Power Supply AC 110V - 220V
Video Mode 
NTSC/PAL (Composite, Component, S-video, SCART, VGA), Progressive Scan
Audio Mode 
Dolby Digital AC3 5.1 channel, DTS, Stereo Mixdown
Dimension 12(W) x 9.5(D) x 20(H) in
Weight 24 lbs.
Output Power 100 Watt (Max)

*Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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