When the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program goes into the demo mode, and regardless of the internet connection does not recover back to the full mode, one can try to reset the Windows Registry of the program as follows:

  1. Close the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program.
  2. At the Windows desktop, click on Start and type in “Regedit” followed by Enter into the Search Programs and Files field.
  3. You will be asked ” Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?”. Click “Yes”.
  4. A pop up window of Registry Editor will appear. Double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  5. Double click on “Software”. Right click on “CAVS Multimedia Inc.” Select “Delete”.
  6. You will be asked “Are you sure …” Click “Yes”.
  7. Close the Registry Editor.
  8. Start the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT.
  9. You wll be asked “Do you want to allow …”. Click “Yes”.
  10. You will be next asked “Do you wish to recover your productkeyfor PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT?”. Click “Yes”.
  11. You will be asked “Please check your internet connection to update the online status.” Confirm that you computer has internet connection and click “OK”.
  12. The PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program will start. Click on the Help button at the top left corner and select Online Upgrade.
  13. Follow the instruction to upgrade to the latest version of the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program.
  14. Having recovered from the demo mode, you need to reset the program into your original setting. For the E-Songbooks and 3D Customer Interface, go to Tools > Setting at the top left corner and select your options. You should also load your song list, most likely the Master Playlist, into “My Server” that is found on the lower left section of the program sections. Once the program is back in its original setting, closed the program by pressing the X mark on the top right corner. All settinbgs will be remembered for future boot ups.