This instruction show how to customize the song numbers in a playlist. It applies to CAVS JB-199 III, JB-199 IV, JB-199 mini, and JB-199 mini II models. Open the playlist in ‘My Server’ or in a playlist slot (1 – 10). Highlight/mark the song (or all songs) that you wish to change the song numbers of. You can use a single click to select a single song, single click followed by Control-Clicks for additional songs, or use Click followed by Shift-Click for multiple songs. Right click on the highlighted song(s) and you will see a popup menu with following choices.
  • Index – Index all the songs as currently listed starting from 1 and sequentially thereafter.
  • Index with Start Number – For a highlighted song, index it with a start number inserted and sequentially thereafter.
  • Index with Filename – For all highlighted songs, index with filenames that are numerical, such as the song files in old JB-199 I or II.
Only the above three methods are allowed for renumbering the songs. Manual editing individual song numbers are not allowed for possible user errors.