This instruction shows how to input manually a songlist into E-Songbook which is not connected wirelessly to a karaoke player. In any PC, make a songlist using the following format. The first field is the index number followed by the pipe “|” sign. The pipe “|” sign is inserted by typing Shift-\. The second field is the title followed by another pipe “|” sign. The third field is the artist name followed by Enter for the next line. EXAMPLE: 00001|AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS|HANK WILLIAMS JR. 00002|COUNTRY CLUB|TRAVIS TRITT 00003|DANCY’S DREAM|RESTLESS HEART 00004|DRINKING CHAMPAGNE|GEORGE STRAIT 00005|DUMAS WALKER|KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS, THE 00006|FOURTEEN MINUTES OLD|DOUG STONE 00007|GOOD TIMES|DAN SEALS 00008|HARD ROCK BOTTOM OF YOUR HEART|RANDY TRAVIS Windows E-Songbook: Save the file as “master playlist.txt”, a text (txt) file. Be sure to select UTF-8 as the Encoding format. Next connect the E-Songbook to the PC using a USB cable. The cable is most likely required to have a micro USB connector on one end for the E-Songbook and the regular USB connector on the other for the PC.You can also transfer the songlist using a micro SD card. Next copy the “master playlist.txt” file from the PC into the following E-Songbook folder. This PC > Documents > 3D Customer Interface Client After the file is copied, restart the E-Songbook software for the song list to appear. Android E-Songbook: Save the file as “cavsbook.txt”, a text (txt) file. Be sure to select UTF-8 as the Encoding format. Next copy the file onto a micro SD card. Insert the SD card into the E-Songbook. Start the E-Songbook software Go to Settting Press Update songlist from SD. Go back to the Song Book, and you will see the songlist appear.
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