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Graphic card driver for ATI X600, ATI X1055, and ATI GV-9551

Here is the Catalyst graphic card driver for ATI X600, ATI X1055 and GV-9551.
Please go to the following website and input the following information to get the latest driver release.

Go the to "Manually Select Your Driver"
Step 1. Select Desktop Graphics
Step 2. Select graphics cards series (Radeon X Series)
Step 3. Select product (Radeon X6xx for X600 and Radeon X1xxx for ATI X1055)
Step 4. Select operating system (Windows XP 32-Bit series)
Step 5. Hit "Display Results"

From here hit the download button corresponding to the "Catalyst Software Suite" which has the driver and control panel.

Tags: AMD, Radeon, Video Driver, X600

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