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How to replace the SA-95 Shuttle Touch Screen karaoke player

There are different types of Shuttle Touch Screen players incorporated into All-In-One system. Each type, including V2, V4, or V5, requires a different wooden board, and different connections to assemble to the All-In-One system.

To replace the Shuttle Touch Screen player that you have in your All-In-One system with the same type however is relatively easy requiring only good common sense.

0.Open the All-In-One system and raise the upper board to the maximum angle.

1.Disconnect all cables and flash drives currently connected to your old Shuttle Touch Screen player. This applies to the USB connectors (on all sides), the power supply connector, and the VGA connector on the back.

Use plenty of cell phone pictures of the connectors before disconnecting to remind you of the wiring when you are putting back the replacement unit.

2.There are 4 screws holding the Shuttle Touch Screen player to the wooden board. Unscrew the 4 screws from the back side of the wooden board.

Take caution not to drop the Shuttle Touch Screen player when the last screw is undone.

3.Place the new Shuttle Touch Screen player into the same position on the wooden board and use the 4 screws to attach.

Do not tighten the screws with too much force as the grooves on the Shuttle Touch Screen player may tear out.

4.Reconnect all the wires and USB flash drives onto the new Shuttle Touch Screen player.

You are done replacing the Shuttle Touch Screen player. If you are using the E-Songbooks and wish to reserve the IP address of the new Shuttle Touch Screen player in the TP-Link router, please go to "How to set up a TP-Link router for E-Songbook" on the category E-Songbook > TP-Link Router.

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