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E-Songbook Setup

Tablet setup
1. Turn tablet on and start windows setup, select time zone and PC name, we have been using “CAVS”.
2. Connect to Wi-Fi.
3. Select “Use Express Setting”
4. The next screen will ask you to sign into a Microsoft account, we don't use that option. At the bottom you can select “Create a new account”. Next it will ask you to create a Microsoft account, do not fill this form out. Instead select “Sign in without a Microsoft Account”. This creates a local account. For this we always set the user name as “E-Songbook” and leave password fields blank.
5. Next the computer will reboot and get critical updates as long as Wi-Fi is connected.
6. While still in control panel go to “Power Options” and select a suitable power plan. Next click “Change Plan Settings”, at this screen select “Never” for “Put the computer to sleep” for both battery and plugged in drop down boxes.
7. Go back and the select “Choose what the power button does” from the left column. Change the setting to “Shut down” for both drop down boxes.
8. Go to the “system and security” section in the control panel menu, and select “windows firewall”, then select “turn windows firewall on or off”, and select both of the circles that say “turn windows firewall off”, then go back to the previous menu and select “turn of notifications about network firewall.
9. Next get the software for Cavs RS II client.
10. Open the DirextX Folder and search for the file called “DXSETUP” and run it, follow the prompts and install.
11. Open the other folder called “windows_csrsii” and run the program called “setup”. Follow the prompts and install.
12. For automatic launch on startup, go to desktop and right click the icon that says “CAVS CSRSII Client” and click “Copy”.
13. Navigate to file explorer at the top click “View” and checkmark the box labeled “Hidden Items”, go to the following destination. Windows (C:)>Program Data>Microsoft>Windows>Start Menu>Programs>Startup once here paste the copy of the icon from the desktop.
14. Now launch the program and go to to activate.
15. Once step 14 is completed and you have activated the software open it up (Updates may be available and will automatically prompt you if you are connected to the internet.)
16. Make sure tablet is connected to proper network designated for the songbooks. If you purchased a router from us the router is named “Cavs Network”.
17. To set the IP address go to Computer>Documents>ipconfig and input the IP address for your E-Songbook Server.

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