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How to network multiple JB-199 III units with a master server

We assume that the server and the multiple JB-199 III units are based on Windows 10.64-bit OS. We also assume that the administration user name and passwords for the server and the JB-199 III units are known.

  • Connect the server and the JB-199 III units into a single hub/switch. Note that the Internet connection is not needed.For the JB-199 III units, use the lower LAN port to connect to the hub/switch.
  • In the server, go to Cortana and type in "Control Panel" followed by Enter. Select "Small icons" in the upper right corner for View by.
  • Select User Accounts. Note the name of the administrator account. You can change the name using the "Change your account name".
  • Select "Make changes to my account in PC settings > Sign-in options". There you can change the password for the administration user account. When done, exit out to the Desktop.
  • Next, in the server, right click on the drive (such as D:\) that contains the song files and the playlist which would be shared with the JB-199 III units. Select Properties > Sharing > Advaced Sharing. Place a check mark on the "Share this folder". Go to "Permissions" and select "Everyone" in the "Group or user names". Check "Full Control" in the "Permission of Everyone". Press "Apply" and "OK". Again press "Apply" and "OK". Again press "Apply" and "OK" to exit out of the Properties.
  • Next in the server, press Windows -X and select Run. Type in CMD followed by Enter. Next type in "ipconfig/all" followed by Enter. It will give you the information of the Host Name of the server and its IPv4 address. Here we will use the Host Name "cavsserver" and the IPv4 address "". Close the CMD windows back to the desktop.
  • Go to each one of the JB-199 III unit and perform the following tasks:
    • Go to Cortana and type in "Control Panel" followed by Enter. In the top right hand corner, select "Small Icons" for View by. Select "User Accounts".
    • Go to "Manage your credentials > Windows Credentials".
    • Click on "Add a Windows credentials". Type in the Host Name (or the IPv4 address) of the Server found above. Next type in the administration user name and password of the Server. Press OK. Close out of the Control Panel, back to the Desktop.
    • Next open the File Explorer. Right click on "Network" and select "Map network drive". Select Z: to be the drive and type in "\\Host Name (or IPv4 address)\D". Check the "Reconnect at sign-in" and "Finish".
    • Next you will see under "This PC" a new hard drive named "d (\\Host Name\) (Z:)". This is the new network drive from the Server.
    • Start the CAVS karaoke program and load into My Server the playlist from the Z: > Karaoke Playlist folder. For the details on how to load a playlist or operate the Karaoke program, go to JB-199 III in the User Forum.
You are now done with setting up the network between the server and the JB-199 III units. In each of the JB-199 III player, test the songs to complete the setup.

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