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How to assemble Shuttle V5 with imaged HD

We start with a barebone Shuttle V5 and imaged hard drive containing the Windows 10 system with PlayCDG KJ Deluxe program.

Take the Shuttle V5 out of the box along with the 4 small screws from the accessory box. The cushions, plastic bag, and the accessory box should go back to the box.
Remove the metal stand from the back of the Shuttle by unscrewing the 4 screws. Remove the back cover held by additional 8 screws.
Remove the hard drive case from inside. It is held by 4 small screws. After removing it, put in the hard drive in the case and fasten the hard drive using the 4 screws that came out of the accessory box.
Connect the SATA+Power cable from the Shuttle inside to the hard drive. Fasten the case along with the hard drive to the Shuttle inside. Sometimes the black tape holding the SATA+Power cable must be adjusted in order to allow the hard drive and its case to fit into its location.
Put back the back cover of the Shuttle. Be careful to align the I/O connectors of the Shuttle to the openings of the back cover exactly. Use the 8 screws to fasten the back cover to the Shuttle.
Connect the Power supply (and the red dongle if the hard drive is pre-installed with Subscription songs). Connect the keyboard and mouse (if wireless, connect the receiver dongle).
Power on the Shuttle and let it boot up to the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program. Confirm that My Server is loaded and the songs from the list can play. The list should be in clear black and white font and not grayed out.
Connect the Wi-Fi of the Shuttle to the internet. Go to Start > Setting > Activation to activate the Windows. Select Change Windows Product Keys to input the Windows Product Key numbers. If the online activation fails, you must select the Change Windows Product Keys once again to input the Windows Product Key numbers again. After the second time failure, there will be an option to activate the Windows by phone. Call Microsoft and follow the instruction to activate the Windows.
Right click on the Task Bar and go to Setting. There, set the Task Bar in Auto Hide.
Next start the Galaxy Utility to calibrate the touch screen. Using the 9-point calibration, raise the bottom three calibration points by a half of the radius presented in the calibration. The middle and top 6 points should be calibrated on the dot.
After the calibration, make sure the touch at the bottom of the display brings up the Task Bar.
Now the assembly is complete. Power off the Shuttle by pressing the Shut Down under Start or press the Power button on the top left side of the unit.

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