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How to install 3D Customer Interface / Touch Screen

To follow the instruction below, it is recommended to connect a PC monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard to your JB-199 unit.  Boot up the JB-199 player, and then use the mouse to turn off the JB-199 program (or press Alt-F4 on the keyboard to turn off the JB-199 program) to exit out to Windows desktop.


How to install 3D Customer Interface


JB-199 II Premier / Regular with Dual Screen Upgrade

Go to and download the Full Upgrade Version or higher.  You can download the Upgrade directly into JB-199 or copy the downloaded Upgrade into JB-199 player from another PC.  Install the Upgrade after which the JB-199 program will automatically start.  Close the JB-199 program to exit out to Windows desktop.


Download the Microsoft DirectX.  The link is given below the Full Upgrade version for JB-199. Unzip the downloaded file to find “directx_feb2010_redist.exe”.  Double click on "direct_feb2010_redist.exe" to extract all components (100+) into a folder of your choice. Find and double click on DXSETUP.exe from the extracted files to install the DirectX into JB-199 player.


Start the JB-199 program.  Go to MENU and “6. Video  Control”. Turn on “0. 3D Customer Interface” which is at the bottom of the page.  Next click on Config button in the KJ Control Panel.  Click on Setting.  Place a check mark on “Enable 3D Customer Interface”.  Also select the sub-options below to customize the 3D Customer Interface:

  • Start with Full Screen - JB-199 program will start with full screen 3D Customer Interface
  • Enable Play, Pause, Stop, Next          
  • Enable Cancel button (Queue)
  • Enable Touch Screen Keyboard - Type in title or artist name to search, or customer name to reserve
  • Lock Password - Password lock the 3D Custome Interface screen

Click OK and the 3D Customer Interface will open with the selected options.


JB-199 II Regular

For JB-199 II Regular player, you must first upgrade it with Dual Screen Upgrade available at  Then you can follow the instruction above for JB-199 II Premier / Regular with Dual Screen Upgrade to install the 3D Customer Interface.


JB-199 Regular/Premier

For JB-199 type I players,  you must upgrade to JB-199 II Premier or Regular with Dual Screen Upgrade.  Please inquire to for the upgrade.


How to install Touch Screen monitor


All JB-199 (I, II, Regular, Premier)

You can use any standard Touch Screen monitor compatible to Windows XP. For each of the monitor, the driver to install into Windows XP will come in a CD with the monitor or can be found in the website of the manufacturer.  For some commonly found touch screen monitors, we list the links to download the drivers


HP2105TM / L2105TM


Having found the driver and installed it into JB-199 player, connect the Touch Screen monitor to JB-199 using a VGA cable and USB cable.  The monitor will begin to respond to your touch.


Next, start the JB-199 program and open the 3D Customer interface.  The buttons on the 3D Customer Interface will begin to respond to you touch.


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