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How do I format my juke.txt in Microsoft Excel?

  1. Connect external USB storage device to the PC.
  2. From Windows Desktop (not from MCG Manager) go into USB storage device and select song folder.
  3. Copy juke.txt file and paste it to anywhere in Windows Desktop or My Document.
  4. Open Microsoft Excel.
  5. Go to OPEN.
  6. Select “Files of type” as text files.
  7. Select the folder where juke.txt file was copied to.
  8. Select juke.txt file and open.
  9. Text Import Wizard should appear. Be sure to select DELIMITED then press Next to go to step 2.
  10. In step 2, uncheck Tab under Delimiter, and check Other: and type |. (| should be located along with \ on the keyboard)
  11. Change text qualifier: from “ to {none} and press NEXT.
  12. In step 3, highlight each column in Data Preview and select Text in Column data format.
  13. Press FINISH.

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