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How do I fix the error message CMOS checksum error defaults loaded?

It has come to our attention that a number of JB-199 players that are 3 years or older have experienced a reset of the BIOS settings. This problem presents in the form of the players inability to boot up and the following message is displayed in a VGA monitor "CMOS checksum error defaults loaded" (you will only see this error in a VGA monitor not in a RCA input monitor). We have identify the cause of the problem to be the BIOS battery running low. To quickly correct this problem (if you are in a show) you will need to connect a PS/2 keyboard and press F1 (please note that a USB keyboard will not allow you to do this) however the problem will come back in the very near future. To permanently correct the problem the BIOS battery has to be replaced. This battery (model CR2032) is widely available at all electronic stores and watch repair centers and it costs around $5 Duracell or Energizer recommended. The battery which is located in the motherboard behind the front panel can be replaced by following this instructions.

tools needed - Phillips screwdriver

Before beginning make sure that you unplug all of the cables from JB-199.

1. Remove the top cover
2. Identify the battery and remove it
3. Wait 30 seconds and install the new battery
4. Install the top cover and connect a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard.
5. Turn on the player and press DELETE in the keyboard repeatedly as soon as the player turns on.
6. You will be taken to a blue menu "CMOS UTILITY"
7. Use the arrows in your keyboard to select Integrated Peripherels and press enter.
8. Select AC97 AUDIO and press enter.
9. In the new menu select disable and press enter.
10. Make sure that AC97 AUDIO has been changed to disable
11. Press F10 and a new window will come up.
12. Press ENTER and the player will restart.

The player should now boot back to Jukebox

If the player fails to boot to Jukebox and the following message is displayed "error loading operating system" you will need to follow this additional instructions.

13. Restart the player and enter CMOS UTILITY (step 5)
14. Select Standard CMOS Features and press enter
15. Select your hard drive ex.maxtor, western digital, seagate (only one HDD will be listed) and press enter
16. Select access mode and press enter.
17. Select LARGE and press enter
18. Press F10 to restart the player.

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