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How can I load the songs from JB-99 to JB-199?

Before transfering the songs a back up hard drive should be made for JB-99. Please follow this instructions to make a JB-99 back up hard drive. 

There is two ways to transfer songs from JB-99 to JB-199. 

First method
This method is faster and easier but there is no way of selecting individual songs. All JB-99 songs must be trasnfer at the same time.
1. Remove the hard drive from JB-99 and set the jumper settings as slave  
2. Remove the top cover from JB-199
3. Using the extra IDE and power cables inside JB-199 connect the JB-99 hard drive to JB-199 mother board.
4. Turn on the player and wait for it to boot up
5. Once in jukebox mode go to menu/download/download songs from JB-99  and press the right arrow. 
6. After the songs have finish downloading go to menu/jukebox/register song files and press the right arrow.
7. After the songs are register turn off the player and remove the JB-99 hard drive. 
8. Restart the player and verify the transfer of the new songs by playing some of them.

Second method                             
This method is slower and more complex but you will have the option to select which songs to transfer.
1. Extract the songs from JB-99 into a external hard drive by following this instructions.
2. Connect a keyboard, mouse, VGA monitor, and your external hard drive (with JB-99 songs) to JB-199 and turn on the player.
3. When in jukebox mode press ALT+F4 in your keyboard to access Windows desktop.
4. In windows desktop open your external hard drive and copy all of the songs you want to transfer to a temporary folder within your external hard drive. (If all songs are going to be transfer skip this step)
5. Open JB-199 manager and select JB-199 IN.
6. Once JB-199 IN is open you will see all of the songs from JB-199 in the right side of the window. In the left side click on folder and browse for the folder that has the JB-99 songs you want to trasfer. All songs from your external hard drive should show up on the left side of the window.
7. Once you can see all of the songs from JB-99 select them all and press AUTO NUMBERING. Select the starting song number you want this songs to have. (the starting song number should be one number less than the fist number you want to use. Therefore, if you want the first song to be number 100 the starting song number should be 99).
8. Once all songs are number select SAVE LIST  in the left side of the window.
9. Press the arrow  in the middle that is pointing to the RIGHT to start the transfer.
10. Once the transfer is complete close all windows and restart the player.
11. Once the player restarts go to menu/jukebox/register songs files and press the right arrow.
12. Restart the player and verify the transfer of the new songs by playing some of them

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