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How to transfer songs from one JB199 (or JB-199 ver II) to another JB199 (or JB-199 ver II)?

Yes, songs from one JB-199 or JB-199 ver II (hereafter called together as JB-199) can be transferred to and played on another JB-199.

  • There is a folder called "Songs" that contains all the song files in a JB-199.  The folder is usually in the D:\ partition under the root folder, but sometimes in the C:\ partition under NJB99 folder (depending on when the JB-199 was issued).
  • Copy/Transfer the folder "Songs" in the old JB-199 to the new JB-199 whereever the "Songs" folders are. This copy/transfer operation should be done under Windows after exiting out of the JB-199 program.  A common way is to copy the "Songs" folder from the old JB-199 onto an external hard drive via USB connection and then copy from the external hard drive to the new JB-199.  The new JB-199 will have a "Songs" folder of its own already, and assuming that the new JB-199 is empty or has no songs of interest, you can overwrite the exsting "Songs" folder in the new JB-199.
  • After the copy/transfer is complete, start the JB-199 program in the new JB-199 and play the songs in the new JB-199.  The songs will be same as the old JB-199 except the lyrics will not show. Go to MENU > 5.System Control > 9.NCG File Protection and turn off the NCG File Protection. Then play the songs again and you will see the lyrics on the screen. 
  • If you do not find 9.NCG File Protection category in the new JB-199, then you need to upgrade the JB-199 program in the new JB-199 by going to website and downloading the latest version of JB-199 program (the full version).  The instruction for upgrading can be found in the website.  Please be sure to go to the correct webpage for your new JB-199, as there are a few different types of JB-199 players.
  • If the "Songs" folder in the new JB-199 alreasy contains songs that you would like to keep, then you must copy/transfer the "Songs" folder from the old JB-199 to the new JB-199 using the JB-199 Manager program.  The copy/transfer operation has to be performed under the JB-199 Manager program for each of the sub-folders (JBXXXXXX) inside the "Songs" folder of the old JB-199. The instruction for using JB-199 Manager program is in the program under HELP button. Please note that when using the JB-199 Manager program to transfer the songs in a sub-folder, JBXXXXXX, you must rename a file JBXXXXXX.txt inside the sub-folder to juke.txt first.  That will enable the JB-199 Manager program to bring up all the titles and artists of the songs.  Also please note that after the copy/transfer is complete, the song list of the new JB-199 will be different from the song list of the old JB-199.




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