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How to edit the songlist in JB-199

 To edit the songlist in JB-199,

  • Follow the instruction given in the User Manual to attach a PC monitor, keyboard, and mouse to JB-199 player.
  • Power up the player and when JB-199 program starts, close the program by pressing Alt-F4 on the keyboard. You will see the Windows desktop on the PC monitor.
  • Using the mouse, start the JB-199 Manager program.  You can do so by double clicking on the JB-199 Manager program icon on the desktop. Select the JB-199 Manager when a pop up window appears with four choices.
  • Press the JB-199 IN button.  You will now see the songlist inside JB-199 program on the right side.
  • Edit the songlist as you wish.  Press the Save List button to save.

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