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How to backup the songs in the JB-199 to an external hard drive for safe copy.

Yes, songs from JB-199 or JB-199 ver II (hereafter called together as JB-199) can be copied to an external hard drive for safe keeping.

  • There is a folder called "Songs" that contains all the song files in a JB-199.  The folder is usually in the D:\ partition under the root folder, but sometimes in the C:\ partition under NJB99 folder (depending on when the JB-199 was issued).
  • Copy/Transfer the folder "Songs" in the JB-199 to an external hard drive. This copy/transfer operation should be done under Windows after exiting out of the JB-199 program.  A common way is to copy the "Songs" folder from the JB-199 onto an external hard drive via USB connection.


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