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I bought a JB199 to use as a back up for my current JB199. How do I transfer the songs from one to the other? Will the numbers and song lists transfer as well?

There are two cases to consider:

If the new JB-199 unit came with its own hard drive, which means the Windows XP and JB-199 program are already installed, then you only need to copy the "Songs" folder that is in D: drive of your current JB-199 unit to the D: drive in your new unit.  If there is Songs folder already in D: drive of your new JB-199 unit, just overwrite (replace) it.  The Songs folder can be first copied onto an external hard drive or flash drive from the current unit and then copied into the unit.  The song numbers and list will also copy over to the new unit and stay the same.

For some JB-199, the "Songs" folder is located in C: drive under NJB99 folder.  Copy the folder to the D: drive as before in the new JB-199.

If the new JB-199 unit did not come with its own hard drive, so it did not come with Windows XP and JB-199 program, then you need to first load Windows XP and JB-199 program into a new hard drive for use with your new JB-199 unit.  Depending on the hardware configuration of the new JB-199 unit, this task can be challenging.  Please contact CAVS USA Inc by sending email to

For more details on copying the songs from one JB-199 to another, please go to the posting


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