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Is it possible to put a larger hard drive in my JB199? If so, what is the cost and are there any problems in doing it?

JB-199 hard drive can be easily upgraded in size. You may do so for more space or because the old hard drive is showing signs of age.

  • Remove the top cover of JB-199.  There are screws to remove on each sides and back.
  • Take out the hard drive inside JB-199 by disconnecting two cables from the hard drive and removing 4 screws holding down the hard drive.
  • Using your PC, make a ghost copy (image to image copy) of the old hard drive to a new hard drive. For instruction on how to ghost copy (image to image copy) please search the Internet.  There are thousands of listings available with instructions and programs.  During ghost copy, you can adjust the spaces allocated for C: and D: partitions.  In general, C: should stay small just to contain Windows system and JB-199 program files, and D: should hold most of the available space for the song files.
  • Connect the new hard drive into JB-199 and close the cover.  Boot up and you should be all ready to go.
  • Note: Some old JB-199 players have only one partition C: and in that case, you need not think about the dividing of hard drive into multiple partitions.  Also check the old hard drive to determine whether it is IDE or SATA type before getting a new one.  The new hard drive should  be of the same type.

The service of replacing the hard drive for JB-199 is provided by CAVS.  Please send your request and fee inquiry to

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