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How can I upgrade the firmware of JB-199?

There are many ways to upgrade the firmware of your JB-199.  Here we describe one of the ways, probably the simplest way, to upgrade your JB-199.

  • Connect a PC monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to your JB-199. Also connect your Internet DSL cable to JB-199.
  • Start your JB-199, and by pressing ALT-F4 buttons, exit out to Windows desktop.
  • Using Internet Explorer, go to and download the upgrade file. Be sure to select the correct webpage for your JB-199 player as there are a few different types of JB-199. Also we recommend the full upgrade version to be downloaded.
  • Save the download on your JB-199 desktop.
  • After the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file (on the desktop) to begin the upgrade. 
  • Follow the instruction given on the display to complete the upgrade.

After the upgrade id complated, JB-199 program will automatically restart.  Go to MENU > 1.Jukebox and check the new version number of JB-199 program.

If you wish to go back to the old JB-199 firmware, double click on the downloaded file (on the desktop). Select the old version of the firmware on the left top corner of the display to re-install the old version.


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