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What is the difference between JB-199 and JB-199 II (ver II)? Can a JB-199 be upgraded to JB-199 II?

Since the first release of JB-199, there have been considerable changes in the main board, CPU, RAM, graphic card, and Rear board of JB-199.  The changes are not only in terms of speed and capacity but also in the hardware settings.  So, JB-199 after it first design in 2005, was changed to JB-199 II (ver II) in 2008. The new JB-199 II has faster main board, faster CPU, higher capacity RAM, faster graphic card, and more functional Rear board.  The original JB-199 is no longer available.

There are two types of upgrading of JB-199. 

  • First is the upgrading of a regular unit with a single screen to a premier unit with dual screens.  This upgrade is called Dual Screen Upgrade.  It can be done for both JB-199 and JB-199 II.
  • Second is the upgrading of JB-199 to JB-199 II.  This upgrade is done at CAVS by replacing just about all internal parts of JB-199 to the newer components.

For your inquiry of upgrade, please contact

For the songs, they are same and interchangable between JB-199 and JB-199 II. For instruction on transfering files between JB-199 players, see the posting   

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