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How to find and obtain the song list in JB-199

Please follow the instruction below to find and obtain a copy of the song list in JB-199.

  • Connect the JB-199 player to a PC monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Instruction on how to connect these items is given in the User Manual.
  • Start the JB-199.  At the Welcome Screen, press Alt-F4 using the keyboard to exit out of the program into the Windows desktop.
  • Find the JB-199 Songlist.txt icon on the desktop.  Double click on the icon to open the Songlist in Notepad.
  • Click on File > Save As (of the Notepad).  Select a removable memory device (such as a USB Thumb drive - USB flash drive) that you can connect to the JB-199 as the destination to store the file in.
  • Once the Songlist.txt is saved into the removable memory device, take the file to a PC and open it in Microsoft Excel to edit. Please refer to the instruction on "How to edit the songlist in JB-199" for editing in this User Forum.


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