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How to make a dual partition in a JB-199 hard drive and move the songs from C: drive to D: drive

  1. Some JB-199s have hard drives that have a single partition with the songs stored in the C: partition.   It is recommended that the hard drive be dual partitioned into C: and D: partitions, and the songs be moved to D: partition, separate from the system files in C: partition.
  2. In order to partition the existing hard drive (with its original single partition C:), you need to first get a partitioning program such as
    • Partition Magic
    • Paragon Partition Manager
    • EASEUS Partition Manager
  3. These programs can be found in the Internet, mostly as free shareware.  The instructions on how to use these programs are in their websites or in the programs.  Please learn the instruction carefully.
  4. Use any one of the programs to dual parition the hard drive into C: and D: partitions.  The idea is the use the empty space currently available inside the hard drive and turn it into the second parition D:.  For example, given a 250G hard drive, if it has 150G free space left, then the second partition D: can be made for the 150G free space. DO NOT erase the existing C: parition as it will wipe out the whole data including the songs inside the hard drive.
  5. Once the second partition D: is made, move the songs that are stored in the "C:\NJB99\Songs" folder to D: partition.   It is best to move the entire folder "Songs" from C: to D:.
  6. Having moved the "Songs" folder (the entire song data) to D: partition, the original C: partition will have some free space left.  Use the partitioning program again to adjust the sizes the partitions, reducing the size of the C: partition and increasing the size of D: partition.  Note that it is a good practice to leave not less than 20G in C: partition for the system files.
  7. The dual partitioning of the hard drive is now complete. Please go and upgrade your JB-199 program to the latest version.  Note that you must go to the correct type of the JB-199 player (JB-199, JB-199II, JB-199II Premier, etc.) to upgrade the program. The latest versions of the JB-199 programs will recognize the songs in D: partition automatically.

In Step 4, it is possible that D: partition newly made may not be big enough to take in all of "Songs" folder.  In this case, connect the JB-199 with an external hard drive that has sufficient size, and move the "Songs" folder out into the external hard drive.  Next adjust the sizes of C: and D: partitions as in Step 6.  Then move back the "Songs" folder from the external hard drive into the D: partition.



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