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How do I "ghost" backup my JB-99 Hard Drive?

NOTE: DO NOT BOOT YOUR HARD DRIVE THROUGH WINDOWS. (It will not be readeable by your JB-99 afterwards)

In order to succesfully make a backup HD using Norton Ghost (we have teseted Norton Ghost v6, v7, v2003), do the following:

1) Using options from Norton Ghost, create a bootable floppy disc using MS DOS and not PC DOS.
2) Connect JB99's HD and a blank HD to your PC.
*Make sure that you know which one is connected to Master or to Slave, and to Primary or to Seconday.
3) Using bootup disc, start your PC.
4) Ghost should start automatically.
5) Go to Options and check the option below.

span(Spanning) = N
autoname(AutoName) = N
crcignore(CRC Ignore) = N
fcr(Create CRC32) = N
f32(FAT32 Conversion) = N
f64(64K FAT Clusters) = N
fatlimit(FAT Limit) = N
fnw(Disable writing) = N
sure(Sure) = N
fro(Force Cloning) = Y
rb(Reboot) = N
fx(Exit to DOS) = N
defaultImg(Default) = N
ia(Image All) = N
ib(Image Boot) = N
id(Image Disk) = Y
defaultTape(Default) = Y
tapesafe(Tape Safe) = N
tapebuffered(Tape Buffered) = N
tapeunbuffered(Tape Unbuffered) = N
tapeeject(Tape Eject) = N
ffx(UseExtINT13) = Y
fnx(DisableExtINT13) = N
ffi(DirectIDE) = Y
fni(DisableDirectIDE) = N
ffs(DirectASPI/SCSI) = N
fns(DisableDirectASPI/SCSI) = Y

6)Check the source and target HD to start the backup.

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