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How to find the model version of JB-199 II player

Turn on the JB-199 player.
Press the MENU button on the front panel.
Press 1 (1.Jukebox).

If the top line on the screen says "JB199 Touch About", then your unit is JB-199 II Premier Touch.
If not, go down to the "Juke, FTP Version" line and if the version is 2.X.X.X, then your unit is Premier.
If not, and if the version is 1.X.X.X, then your unit is Standard.

To upgrade to the latest version of the software, go to the JB-199 II Premier webpage for the JB-199 Premier and JB-199 Premier Touch players. For the JB-199 Standard players, go to the JB-199 II Standard webpage.

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