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Ultra Small Karaoke player

CAVS IPS-11G shrinks Karaoke down into a tiny size (4"x3"x1")!
CAVS IPS-11G has all the same capabilities as the CAVS DVD karaoke players, such as the DVD-203G USB or DVD-105G USB, with the only exception of the CD drive removed.
Purely digital, CAVS IPS-11G packs a punch capable of playing more than 30,000 songs from a hard drive or flash drive.



CAVS IPS-11G karaoke player can play the songs of CDG, MP3, MP3+G, MCG, and -MCG file formats. The -MCG file format is specially designed for the CAVS IPS-11G. It secures the song files against unwanted copyings to laptops or PCs. You can convert your CD+G and MP3+G songs to the -MCG file format using the IPS Manager program . The IPS Manager program can also

  • extract the songs of CD+G and Super CD+G discs individually or in all to -MCG file format
  • extract the songs of JB-199 (I, II), DVD-305G USB, DVD-203G USB, and DVD-105G USB to -MCG file format

This makes the CAVS IPS-11G secure with the file protection, convenient with the small size, and powerful with playing the songs of CD+G, Super CD+G, JB-199 (I, II), and the CAVS DVD USB disc players.

The IPS Manager program is free to download at:
IPS Manager
CAVS IPS-11G is an all purpose digital machine designed to play karaoke, video, and picture files through USB connection.

  • Play CDG, MP3, MP3+G, MCG, -MCG karaoke formats
  • Play MPEG, AVI, DAT, VOB video files
  • Play JPEG, BMP, GIF picture formats
  • Dual microphone inputs
  • Independent volume controls
  • Echo control
  • Digital key and tempo controls
  • Voice cancel
  • Ultra slim design for portability

CAVS IPS-11G comes with a powerful tool, IPS Manager program, which can

  • extract the song files of CD+G discs to -MCG files
  • extract the song files of Super CD+G discs to -MCG files
  • convert the CDG and MP3+G song files to -MCG files
  • convert the NCG song files of JB-199 (I, II) to -MCG files
  • convert the MCG song files of DVD-305G USB, DVD-203G USB, DVD-105G USB players to -MCG files

The -MCG file format is specially designed for the use in CAVS IPS-11G player. The format secures the song files from unwanted copying to laptop or PC.

The CAVS IPS-11G comes with:
  • User Manual
  • Remote Controller
  • Microphone
  • AV Cable
  • AC Power Adapter

Complete your dream Karaoke setup with these simple additions:
  • External USB Harddrive. Load your karaoke songs onto this USB hard drive and plug and play with the IPS-11G!
  • CAVS Song Packages. Order CAVS Song packages! If you order together with the USB hard drive we will load them in for free!
  • Video output: Composite (NTSC/PAL), S-Video (Y/C)
  • Audio output: Analog stereo 2 channels, Digital coaxial
  • Power input: DC 9V 1A
  • Power consumption: Max 900mA
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 80mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 193g/6.8oz
This upgrade is for CAVS IPS-11G player firmware.
New Release
Version Release Date Download Instruction
February 5 2015 Download Readme
Previous Release
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CAVS IPS Manager Program
Version Release Date Download Instruction
50 December 30, 2014 Download

User Manual: Instructions:
  • Check out IPS Manager to make your USB memory device fit the IPS-11G!
  • How to load Super CD+G disc to external USB HD for CAVS USB players Click Here
  • How to prepare a USB storage device for CAVS DVD USB players Click Here
  • Check out the User Forum

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