No More Paper Songbooks, No More Appending Pages

Turn your iPhone and iPad into wireless E-Songbooks. By installing the CAVS RS II app into your iPhone or iPad, you can search and reserve the songs instantly without the hassles of paper books and request slips. You can also create your own favorite song lists or score the singers wirelessly in singing contests.

Download for free the CAVS RS II app from Apple App store.

The required specifications of the iPhone and iPad are:

  • iPhone - Version 4 or higher
  • iPad - Version 2 or higher, inclduing iPad mini

The CAVS RS II app, when installed into the iPhone or iPad, can work with any karaoke player in the world. The app is in addition designed to directly communicate with the following CAVS Karaoke players:

  • CAVS All-In-One systems (SA-G1012W, SA-GMIX12, SA-F1002, JB-F1012W)
  • CAVS JB-199 (I, II) players
  • CAVS Karaoke Laptops (Co101, EC101, PO101, PR101, SR101)
  • CAVS Touch Screen players (SA-95, TA101, TA103, TB101, TB103)
  • CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT software player

There are two versions of the CAVS RS II app. The first is the free version downloadable from the Apple App store. The second is the full version you can purchase from below. Both versions, when working with the CAVS karaoke player, can

  • Import the song list wirelessly
  • Find the songs using Scroll, Sort, and Search
  • Reserve the songs instantly to CAVS Karaoke players
  • Create and manage Favorite Lists
  • Run karaoke contest  and score the singers
  • Receive & display messages

The free version of CAVS RS II app is designed for the customers of karaoke shows/parties where the customers can wirelessly download the song list and reserve the selected songs. The free version however does not allow the customers to Play, Stop, Pause or Cancel songs because such action may interfere with the karaoke shows. The free version prevents a customer from selfishly stopping or cancelling a song of another customer.

The full version of CAVS RS II app on the other hand allows the full commands to Play, Stop, Pause and Cancel songs in the CAVS karaoke player. This full version is designed for the karaoke jockeys or managers who are responsible for running the karaoke shows. The full version allows the operator to migle with the customers and manage the show from anywhere on the floor. The full version, in addition to those functions of the free version, can perform the following functions:

  • Play songs in Queue
  • Stop or Pause songs
  • Cancel songs in Queue

CAVS RS II (full version) APP

BUY NOW $99.99 - Please contact techsupport@cavsusa.com or 1-562-777-1850 x3.

BUY NOW (3 DEVICE LICENSE) $199.99 - Please contact techsupport@cavsusa.com or 1-562-777-1850 x3.

Going further than using the free or full version of CAVS RS II app, if you wish to create you own app or merge the functions of the CAVS RS II app into your own, please contact CAVS Tech Support at techsupport@cavsusa.com or 562-777-1850 x3. CAVS USA Inc can provide the API for your own app creation.

Other noteworthy chararteristics of the CAVS RS II app are:

    CAVS RS II app can display more than 300,000 songs in 40 different languages. It can sort and search the song list by index, title, or artist at a touch of your fingertip. It can also scroll and jump to any page using the scroll bar and alphanumeric tabs.

    CAVS RS II app can create and manage unlimited number of Favorite Lists for customers. It can store the favorite songs for each and every customer for easy and quick access.

    CAVS RS II app can run karaoke contests, allowing each customers to score the singers wirelessly. Share the fun of karaoke with everyone, the singers and listeners alike.

    CAVS RS II app can receive and display messages, such as who is next to sing, the last call for drinks, or someone left his car lights on. The app literally rings in the messages into your iPhone or iPad.

    CAVS RS II app has the options to limit the users from reserving or playing songs. In the free version, it has the option to view and search only, without reserve. In the full version, it has the three level options:

    • Disable Reserve and Disable Remote Control
    • Enable Reserve and Disable Remote Control
    • Enable Reserve and Enable Remote Control

    Up to 256 iPhones or iPads, installed with CAVS RS II app, can connect simultaneously. The connection is based on wireless intra-net network and does not require the public Internet that may or may not be available in local bars or restaurants.

CAVS E-Songbook is also available in hardware pre-installed with the CAVS RS II app. Please go to E-Songbook.

How to setup CAVS RS II App in iPhone and iPad.

  • Go to Apple App store from your iPhone / iPad and download the CAVS RS II App for free. We demonstrate below only the steps for iPhone, as they are very similar to those for iPad.

  • CAVS RS II App will install into your iPhone with an icon as shown below.

  • Select the Settings in the iPhone home window.

  • Go to Wi-Fi.

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and select the wireless router (for example, CAVS Router) to which the CAVS RS II Server program is connected.

  • If the wireless router is password protected, input the password.
  • Return to Settings. Confirm that the Wi-Fi is connected to the router.

  • Return to the home windows.



In the Home page, tap on the CAVS RS II App icon and start the App.

  1. Main Menu
  2. The main menu of CAVS RS II App will appear as below.

    • Song Book
    • Queue Status
    • Favorite List
    • Contest Board
    • Settings

  3. Settings
  4. Tap on the Settings. The menu inside the Settings will appear as below.

    Tap on the Server IP Address which will bring up the screen keyboard. Type in the IP address of the CAVS RS II Server program in your CAVS Karaoke player or Windows based PC.

    After setting the Server IP, be sure to save by pressing the Save button.

    To find the IP address, go to CAVS RS II Server program by pressing the CAVS RS II Server icon in the CAVS Karaoke player or the Windows PC. When open, the IP address will be written at the top of the screen, next to the title CAVS RS II Server.

    Return to the main menu.

  5. Song Book
  6. Tap on the Song Book at the main menu. The song list, sorted in title will appear.

    You can re-sort the song list by Artist or Index pressing the Sort button at the bottom.

    You can scroll or move to any page in the song list by pressing the alphanumeric bar on the right side.

    You can also search the songs by title or artist. Tap on Search buttons at the bottom. In this example, we press the Search by title

    Following window will appear, ready with an input field.

    Type in the word or a part of the word (for example, "Love") you wish to search for and press Search. Songs with matching titles will appear on the screen. Again you can resort the list by title, artist or index by pressing the Sort button.

    Once a song is found, tap on the song to Reserve. Following screen will appear.

    It is optional to input the Customer name, Pitch (Key) level, and Tempo level. Press Reserve to reserve the song.

    Once a song is found, you can also press Add Fav. to save the song into your Favorite List. The following window will appear.

    Input or change the account name of the Favorite List and press Add to add the song. If the account name does not exist in the Favorite List, you will be asked to create a new Favorite List as below.

    For more details on Favorite List, please go below to Section 4. Favorite List.

  7. Queue Status
  8. Tap on the Queue Status. The list of reserved songs will appear. 

  9. Favorite List
  10. Before starting the Favorite List, please note that you can enable/disable the Auto Save option in the Settings. When enabled, the Favorite List will save the added songs automatically. If you wish to save only at your command, turn off the feature.


    At the main menu, tap on the Favorite List


    Press Load to open a Favorite List.

    Input the Customer Name and press Load. If the Customer Name does not already exist in the Favorite Lists, you will be asked to create a new Favorite List as below. Press Create to make the new Favorite List.

    The new Favorite List will appear. Next to add songs, press Add.

    The Song Book will appear. You can scroll, re-sort, or use the Search to find the songs you wish to add. Note that you can select multiple songs. After selecting the songs, press + to add.

    The added songs will appear on the Favorite List. From the list, tap on any song.

    Press the Reserve to reserve the song or the Delete to delete the song from the Favorite List.

  11. Contest Board
  12. Tap on the Contest Board. The screen will show the menu for scoring. Select the score level and press the Confirm button to send. Note that your score will not be accepted until it is asked for by the CAVS RS II Server program.

    Watch the TV showing the karaoke lyrics. The "Send in Your Score" message will begin to roll across the screen when the CAVS RS II Server program is ready to accept the scores. This message will continue to roll across until the scoring period is ended.

    You may send in your score once or multiple times. Depending on the Settings in the CAVS RS II Server program, the multiple entries may or may not be accepted.

  13. Message Receiving

    To view a message from CAVS Karaoke player (or CAVS RS II Server program), press the i button. This button is the top right corner.

    The message sent will appear. Press Dismiss to close the message box.


User Manual Version (Web): Click here (Free)  Click here (Paid)

User Manual Version (Download): Click here (Free)  Click here (Paid)

How to Setup CAVS RS II for iPhone (Video): Click here

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