CAVS E-Songbook is an electronic touch screen tablet that manages wirelessly the song list of a Karaoke player. It can display more than 500,000 songs in 40 different languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It also has the advantage of letting customers view, sort, search, and reserve the songs with a touch. It also create the favorite song lists for each customers and score the singers wirelessly in the singing contests.

Enjoy the Paperless karaoke with CAVS E-Songbook where there is NO more printing or NO more appending pages. You can add, delete, or replace the songs anytime and the E-songbook will instantly and wirelessly reflect the changes.

E-Songbook is available in both hardware and software. If you have your own tablet or smartphone, such as

  • iPad (2 or higher) or iPhone (3 or higher)
  • Androids tablets or smartphones (version 2.1 or higher)
  • Windows tablets (Windows 7, 8 or higher)

you can download the E-Songbook software and install to turn your device into a E-Songbook. There are two versions of the E-Songbook software. A free version which is downloadable from Apple App store, Google Play store, or our website here, lets the users view, sort, search, and reserve the songs. However it does not let the users Play, Stop, Pause, or Cancel the songs. This free version is designed mainly for the customers at a karaoke show. It allows the customers to enjoy the E-Songbooks but limits them from interrupting with other customers or the show.

The full version of the E-Songbook on the other hand allows the users to Play, Stop, Pause or Cancel (reservation) the songs. This version is designed for KJs or operators running CAVS karaoke players listed below. It allows the KJs or operators to mingle with the customers and at the same time control the show from anywhere on the floor.

Both the free and full versions of the software are available for each of iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. For detail description and the links to download the software, please go to the following pages.

E-Songbook is also available in hardware such as Android or Windows tablets. The hardware is pre-installed with the full version of the software and ready for use. Please note that customers looking for iPad or iPhone installed with E-Songbook software must provide their own hardware devices. Please go to E-Songbook for detail description and purchase.


The E-Songbook is designed to communicate wirelessly with the following CAVS karaoke players:

  • CAVS All-In-One Systems (SA-G1012W, SA-GMIX12, SA-F1002, JB-F1012W)
  • CAVS Karaoke Laptop players (CO101, EC101, PO101, PR101, SR101)
  • CAVS Karaoke Touch Screen players (SA-95, TA101, TA103, TB101, TB103)
  • CAVS JB-199 Jukebox players (JB-199 I, II)
  • CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT

With wireless communication, the E-Songbook will download the song list and reserve the songs in the CAVS karaoke player. The E-Songbook will also Play, Stop, Pause, and Cancel the songs in the CAVS karaoke player.

The E-Songbook can also work with any karaoke player in the world. It can first work as a stand-alone unit where the E-Songbook would be loaded with the song list in a digital file format using the SD card or USB connection. The users can then view, sort, and search the song list from the E-Songbook. However the users will not be able to reserve, or play, stop, pause or cancel the songs.

The E-Songbook can also work with any karaoke player in the world using the CAVS RS II Server program. The CAVS RS II Server program is designed such that when installed into a PC, such as a laptop or desktop, it can communicate wirelessly with the E-Songbooks. This way of using the E-Songbook would be convenient when there are many customers with E-Songbooks in a karaoke show, but you are not using a CAVS karaoke player. With the CAVS RS II Server program, you can send your song list simultaneouly and wirelessly to the E-Songbooks, and the customers can send their song requests wirelessly back to you. Note however that since there is no direct communication between the E-Songbooks and the karaoke player, the E-Songbook will not be able to Play, Stop, Pause or Cancel the songs.

For detail description and purchase of the CAVS RS II Server program, please go to.
Table Tents
We have 4"x 6" table tents available to download in both editable PDF and PSD formats.
The table tents inform the customers how to find the Apps from the Apple App store or Google Play store and how to connect to the server.

Download PDF Version: Click here
Download PSD Version: Click here


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